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I would like to extend my gratitude to shareholders and other investors, and all of the Mazda Group's stakeholders including customers, suppliers, and local communities, for your continued support and understanding.

In FY March 2019, through the final year of Structural Reform Stage 2, a medium-term business plan, we have worked to offer appealing products that provide both driving pleasure and outstanding environmental and safety performance to achieve qualitative growth in all areas of the business and to further enhance brand value. Global sales volume was down 4.2% from the prior year at 1,561 thousand units. Net sales were ¥3,564.7 billion, up ¥90.7 billion from the prior year. Operating income was ¥83 billion, down ¥63.4 billion from the prior year. Ordinary income was ¥116.8 billion, down ¥55.3 billion from the prior year. Net income was ¥63.5 billion, down ¥48.6 billion from the prior year.

In FY March 2020, we will start the full-scale introduction of all-new Mazda3 and CX-30 to global markets. We will maintain sales focusing on promotion of the value of products, and will aim to enhance brand value and achieve sustainable growth of volume, revenue and profit leveraging the new-generation lineup. We will address challenges in the changing business environment of the automobile industry including intensifying competition and tighter environmental and other regulations, and will continue to implement key initiatives for the future by developing and introducing new-generation models and technologies.

Mazda will celebrate its centennial anniversary in 2020, a grand milestone since our founding. We feel profound gratitude for the longstanding support of the countless people who have supported us for the last 100 years. Additionally, I see it as my responsibility to sustain and further develop the Company for the next 100 years. We must cherish our uniqueness to ensure our continued survival and development. That uniqueness is something that we create together with everyone connected to Mazda, and we hope to preserve this aspect of our corporate culture.
With this in mind and as a milestone to mark the beginning of our next 100 years, we envisioned our ideal for the Mazda brand in the decade from 2030 to 2040. In order to realize this ideal, we developed a Medium-Term Management Policy, for the six-year medium term during which we will complete the introduction of our new-generation lineup that begins with the all-new Mazda3. Based on the management policy and through further clarification of our initiatives, we will continue to tackle challenges and make untiring efforts toward the realization of our ideal for continuous growth and the enhancement of corporate value over the medium-to-long term.

By introducing products with outstanding environmental and safety performance, we aim to resolve social issues, such as the conservation of the global environment and the realization of a safe and secure society, while enhancing our corporate value over the medium-to-long term.
We will also continue to engage in timely and appropriate information disclosure and constructive dialogue with shareholders, while at the same time emphasizing corporate governance as an important management issue.

I ask for the continued support of our shareholders and investors going forward.

June 2019

Mazda Motor Corporation
Representative Director
President and CEO
Akira Marumoto